Arkan Sakhtar Nowin Iranian” for the activists of the household appliances industry and the private sector, is always a reminder of the abbreviation of the company’s name (Snova), which is known as a brand based on the daily needs of Iranian families and has defined supporting the Iranian people in natural events and social-economic crises as a social duty and responsibility for. Based on the technological approaches defined in the exclusive production lines and based on the depth of its internal manufacturing, this company has the special mission of producing all kinds of gas-burning and built-in products (gas stoves, hobs, hoods, microwaves, sinks, and ovens) in the value chain of Entekhab Electronic industrial group.

Arkan Sakhtar Nowin Iranian is equipped with the latest production technology and has a variety of impact and hydraulic presses from 60 tons to 1000 tons, electromagnetic robotic devices for painting and glazing, C.N.C. bending and cutting devices, and plasma welding technology in accordance with global standards for the production of household appliances.

The volume of direct and indirect job creation of this company, including human capital who are active in various production lines, as well as R&D, quality, sales and logistics units, has turned Arkan Sakhtar Nowin Iraninan into a strategic company in the value chain of Iran’s home appliance industry

According to the reports confirmed by the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, more than 25% of the volume of produced products in this company are exported to the Middle East countries, and comply with international production standards and receipt of economic index certificates such as CE by this company has also raised its access to the European and American markets.

The formulation of the raw materials used in the production lines of Arkan Sakhtar Nowin Iraninan is completely in accordance with the European standards, in which its knowledge and technology have been provided to companies related to the Entekhab Electronic value chain in an exclusive and localized manner.

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