Daewoo, loves you

The story of the Daewoo brand originates from commitment to principles which its goals are customer satisfaction and creating a life experience with peace for all people who want high-quality products with beautiful and unique designs. Achieving globalization is at the top of human resources activities in the Daewoo brand. Therefore, the use of modern technologies and the localization of these products to the Iranian lifestyle are at the center of the design and production activities of Daewoo products. 

Also, environmental sustainability is one of the basic goals of Daewoo brand manufacturers. Another goal of this brand is to provide unique after-purchase services to customers. The motto “Daewoo, loves you” directs the group’s activities towards customer orientation and providing unique services to customers. Also, identifying and addressing the weaknesses of the supply chain of the Daewoo brand in all stages of design, development, production, sales, and after-purchase services are in line with the pursuit of the slogan of this brand.

This approach guides members active in the Daewoo brand to respect the rights of consumers and society.



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