Entekhab is with you

The story of Entekhab is the narrator of four decades of efforts of men and women, whose their country’s economic growth through industrialization has been the most important thinking in their minds. Economic growth through the creation of new values that guarantee the increase in the welfare of this land’s people. 

The path that started from a small workshop with a few workers and gradually along the path of his concerns, made some align with him, and today their number is more than 15,000 people.

A family of 15,000 people with a clear characteristic of effort and hardworking, who have never given up any effort in the direction of the industrialization of the country’s economy. A family whose efforts of several decades ago have resulted in the formation of three household appliance brands, Snowa, Daewoo, and Bost, which have been able to cover most of the needs of all tastes and income groups of society.

It is a path full of failures and successes, comforts and discomforts, joys and sadness, which made us reach the production of smart home appliances in about three decades. The path that has resulted in the creation of a productive economic system, whose positive economic spillovers have followed national prosperity, and by using the world’s modern knowledge, has placed the Iranian home appliance industry among the country’s successful industries.

In this way, respecting the wishes and needs of the customer has always been an inseparable principle of organizational policies and this issue has been a very important factor in the growth, survival, and bright horizons ahead for the Entekhab Electronic group.

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