The company, as a powerful part of the Arman Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group, is responsible for the production of all kinds of metal parts, the painting of metal parts, drums, and bodies of washing machines, and the refrigeration cycle of refrigerators in a space of more than 17 thousand square meters and among the most important technologies used in this factory, we can refer to the automatic one-thousand-ton press machine, progression dies (decrease die – increase productivity), Clink machine (laundry body assembly) and wire press machine (evaporator manufacturer).

This industrial complex, which plays an important role in the production of leading and popular brands of Entekhab Industrial Group, has more than 500 capable and expert personnel of the company.

Other companies under Arman Electronics Industrial Group as well have all the mentioned facilities and capabilities of this company, such as the flexibility of production lines, required technical knowledge, research and development, well-equipped laboratories, optimal consumption, modern support factories, and maintaining environmental requirements.

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