Supporting Maxa; Social responsibility of Entekhab Electronic

During several decades of continuous activity and its ups and downs, Entekhab Electronic has always aimed to support the backlogs. Great actions are the essential needs of society. In this way, supporting the Iranian Cancer Control Center, abbreviated as Maxa, is a charity action aimed at reducing the harm caused by cancer for patients who are struggling with that. Maxa is a non-governmental organization in the field of palliative and supportive medicine for cancer patients, which is supported by Entekhab Electronic. What sets Maxa apart from other charity organizations is Maxa’s supportive and palliative care and home care services. Entekhab Electronic with the view that the issue of health as one of the inalienable human rights, with a wider meaning, has been taken into the attention of the public, has to try to maintain and improve the level of physical, mental, social, economic and spiritual health at the highest level for all people. Because influencing health and its related services in the growth and prosperity of the social system and management of economic costs is a matter that is not hidden from anyone. In such a situation, with a sense of responsibility, Entekhab Electronic industrial group considered it obligatory to provide valuable services in the field of palliative care in the field of health for those who are involved in the costly disease of cancer, with the support of Maxa. 

Iranian Cancer Control Charity Institute

Iranian Cancer Control Charity Institute with the short name of Maxa has set its mission based on the World Health Organization (WHO) proposal in the field of cancer control, knowledge generation, and knowledge-based activities in the four areas of prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care.

Maxa is the first non-governmental organization in the field of research, training, and providing of comprehensive supportive and palliative care in the country, which started its activity in 2009, in cooperation with the comprehensive health system and benefiting from the expert views of faculty members of universities of medical sciences and experienced managers. This institution is currently the largest and most professional partner of the health system in the field of palliative care in the country, and through an agreement concluded with the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education in this regard, is responsible for providing services at the national level.

Maxa discourse in Entekhab electronic

Entekhab Electronic aims to bring hope to people struggling with cancer. Entekhab Electronic with the support of Maxa provides conditions for patients and their families to cope with the difficult situation caused by the disease and accept the truth; the message of Entekhab Electronic for cancer patients is to know that they are not alone in going through the difficult path of cancer.

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