As a prominent part of the value chain of Entekhab Electronic in Iran’s home appliance industry, Entekhab Sepid Motahar Company (SAMA) has a special and exclusive mission of producing detergent products from brands affiliated with Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group.

Based on this, the production of all high-quality types of washing machines as well as dishwashers with a significant depth of internal construction is part of the executive and operational strategies of Entekhab Sepid Motahar Company.

The use of the most advanced and well-equipped devices and machines in the field of producing national, high-quality home appliance products is one of the most important competitive advantages of Entekhab Sepid Motahar Company, and the implementation of special plans based on modern technologies and the technological needs of the home appliance industry in this company has led to achieving a significant amount of business globalization approaches, which is a main goal in this industrial group.

Other prominent features of Entekhab Sepid Motahar are the use of high-quality raw materials, flexibility in production lines, dedicated deepening of the required technical knowledge, sustainable research and development, well-equipped laboratories, optimal consumption, and modern production lines, which are in line with maintaining the environmental requirements. And this has turned Entekhab Sepid Motahar into a strategic and important part of the value chain based on several decades of sustainable investment in the development of the industry.

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