Unveiling the Snowa Smart TV, beyond the capabilities of ordinary TVs

The Snowa Smart TV, beyond the capabilities of ordinary TVs was unveiled

Entekhab Industrial Group’s Public Relations reports that, this TV has unveiled in three sizes (65″, 70″and 84″) with extraordinary capabilities and it will be available at the markets very soon.

Mr. Khoshhal, Audio and Video Marketing Manager, among Motahar Zamir’s staffs mentioned this company will have unveiling and releasing of new products every month, he stated: On the 1st step this multipurpose smart TV will be released as a product beyond the TV, with particular training options,…

He Said: This smart TV will provoke every consumer’s surprise, due to exclusive and unique features.

Mr. khoshhal expressed: Some of this new product’s features are, having two Windows 8, six point multi-touch capability, outstanding sizes (65″, 70″, 84″), high speed, easy to use, too many input and output ports, USB 8 and etc.

He added: This product could be ideally used in meetings, conferences, classes and other places where need to use smart and developed products.

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