General Manager of Sint Overseas L.L.C: Proper marketing of Entekhab Industrial Group in Middle East

General Manager of Sint Overseas emphasized on developing cooperation with Entekhab Industrial Group.
Thabit Yahya Salim Al-Hinai General Manager of Sint Overseas L.L.C said: Iran is an independent country in Middle East which manufacture everything such as cars, home appliances and etc. This is my 1st time to visit such a big home appliances company and this makes me happy.
He stated: we had some communications with Entekhab to develop some business opportunity in Oman and I`m here to see Entekhab`s facilities and size of the company to understand more about the company that would help us to develop ideas.
Salim Al-Hinai added: Entekhab Industrial Group is a professional group in Iran which would be able to develop its market level in Middle East.
He continued: Oman`s market is an open market and there are a lot of products from different manufacturers and Entekhab Industrial Group can have a good market share.

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