Entekhab Industrial Group certificated in Golden Consumer Protection for the 4th time in a row

Entekhab Industrial Group’s Public Relations reported: At the 14th Consumer Protection’s day, while Mr. Jahangiri vice president, Mr. Nematzadeh Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, Mr. Navabi director of Consumer Protection organization and other manufacturers and Iranian senior officials participated, Golden Consumer Protection Statue rewarded to Mr. dayyani CEO of Entekhab Industrial Group by vice president of Iran.
Golden Consumer Protection Statue is the highest standard for measuring protection of consumer’s rights. Entekhab Industrial Group has achieved this honor for the 4th time in a row because of its Customer-oriented and supportive approach on the way of realizing this slogan “Count on us”.
Government welcoming the product quality increase
Eshagh Jahangiri Vice president of Iran, in this festival expressed: Reforming the culture of consumption and providing the Consumer Protection, requires presenting correct information.
He added: We should present the correct information so that consumers would be able to choose better. Because it is the consumer’s right to know this information so won’t be confused in the massive advertisements.
Improving the product quality and services is in the competitive plans
Mohammadreza Nematzadeh Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, stated: Improving product quality and services is in the competitive plans and for competing we should have creativity and initiative and also supply our products according to international standards and desirable for consumers.
He noted: By improving quality can reduce prices too, while but business groups should respect consumer protection.
In Iran Consumer Protection’s day is in February 28 (9th Esfand) and each year a festival will be held, in this festival while assessing, consumer protectors, they will be rewarded by Consumer Protection statues. In this year 3100 controllers and 23000 Quality Supervisor helped this festival.

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