The 1st official and complete attendance of a home appliances brand in Iraq:: Expanding Snowa sales network in Middle East by headquarters opening in Baghdad

Sales headquarters, after sales services and show room of Entekhab Industrial Group with Snowa were inaugurated.

Entekhab Industrial Group Public Relations reported that, Sales headquarters, after sales services and show room of Snowa were inaugurated in Baghdad by presence of Ebrahim mohamadzadeh Iran Commercial Counselor in Iraq and senior managers of Entekhab Industrial Groups.

There were Iranian and Iraqi traders and merchants and also Iraqi civilians in this ceremony which was held as the biggest attendance of a brand and perfect market services covering, that will lead to expand Snowa products in Middle East.

Comprehensive attendance policy and Snowa outlet in home appliances market of Iraq

Mohamad Karimian Deputy Commerce of Entekhab Industrial Group stated: Snowa has been working in Iraq market since 8 years ago and some of its particular products such as: oven, evaporative coolers and some kinds of refrigerators are famous in Iraq appliances market.

He added: Now by finding a reliable business partner in Iraq, as the 1st appliances brand, we decided to operate comprehensive sales and after-sales services, outlet and to start setting up Call center in Iraq market that headquarters opening is a turning point for performing future plans.

Karimian mentioned:

 For marketing in Iraq, we have done and doing some activities like: Setting up call center, after-sales services center, training technicians and eventually setting up stores and modern show rooms.

In near future, opening 10 Snowa show rooms

After describing the current Snowa store in Iraq as the most modern and beautiful appliances store in Iraq market, he said:

Soon, in addition to the current store, five other show rooms in Baghdad and five other cities including Basra, Najaf, Karbala, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah will be launched.

Selling Snowa products with guarantee of “Ras Al Heram” in the Iraq market

Deputy Commerce of Entekhab Industrial Group said:

Stores and Show rooms will work by “Ras Al Heram” after-sales Co. supports. The 1st special appliances service will include, Installation, repairing, replacement, services, organized delivery and so on.

He added: this company is responsible for guarantee Snowa products and after-sales services in Iraq market.

Karimian about Entekhab policy for exporting reiterated: several countries like Afghanistan are identified as the target countries for expanding market and soon Snowa will plan to attend in these markets too.

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