Opening of Daewoo Electronics’ headquarter in Iran by presence of South Korean Daewoo Electronics’ senior managers

Daewoo Electronics’ headquarter was opened in Tehran by presence of Entekhab Industrial Group’s and Korean Daewoo Electronics’ senior managers.

Entekhab Industrial Group’s Public Relations reported that, Jung Soo Shin, COO of South Korean Dongbu Daewoo Electronics (parent company of Korean Daewoo Electronics) who was head of delegators, met Entekhab Industrial Group’s senior managers and visited 4 exclusive household stores of this brand in Amninhozour three-way.

In this meeting and visit which Mr. Manani Vice president of Entekhab Industrial Group and other senior managers of Entekhab Industrial Group and Daewoo Electronics participated, two exclusive household store of Daewoo Electronics were opened in Jomhouri St. as one of the main markets of home appliances brands in Tehran.

Jung Soo Shin, while visiting 4 exclusive household stores of Daewoo in Amninhozour St. appreciated these stores’ managers by statues.

Visiting Entekhab Industrial group’s factories and meeting with Entekhab’s senior managers were in two-day trip schedule.

South Korean Dongbu group in 2013 bought shares of South Korean Daewoo Electronics and owned this popular brand. In the agreement with Entekhab Industrial Group, has partnership and cooperation, in terms of production, distribution and marketing of Daewoo Electronics brand.

Daewoo Electronics home appliances sales network currently has more than 13 regional offices across the country and elite sales forces, and it`s one of the most extensive sales network in Iran