9th international E-commerce conference was finished in Isfahan by appreciation of sponsors and top essays

9th international E-commerce conference in developing countries with focus on E-business was finished by appreciation of sponsors and participants.
Entekhab Industrial Group Public Relations reported that in this conference which was held in Isfahan Chamber of Commerce by Entekhab Industrial Group’s sponsoring, researchers from Iran, South Korea, Malaysia and Belgium presented their essays. Most of these essays were about optimizing E-business in the world, exchanging information security and checking E-banking. Dr. T.K oh, head of Entekhab Industrial Group department in South Korea, presented an essay too.
Appreciation of Entekhab Industrial Group in E-commerce
At the end of this conference Entekhab Industrial Group and its brands, Daewoo and Snowa, were appreciated as the sponsors of this conference.

Investment potential between Iran and Singapore is too high

A group of senior managers of Singapore Business Federation with some of important companies managers in Singapore visited Entekhab Industrial Group.
Entekhab Industrial Group Public Relations reports that in this visit more than 30 visitors participated from Singapore Business Federation and managers of important companies like: Aviation, Marine Services, Industrial Trading, Ministry of Trading & Industry, Pacific International lines, Chemical and Petroleum and etc.
Global Business Division Senior Director of Middle East and Africa Mr. Cody Lee, after visiting Entekhab stated: Iran and Singapore as the industrial countries in their regions, could expand their commercial and economic relations which causes developing both sides.
He continued: Iran and Singapore are good positions for investing and also Investment potential in Iran and Singapore is too high in different features.
Global Business Division Senior Director of Middle East and Africa about Entekhab Group said: Capacity of manufacturing home appliances per day and its discipline is astonishing and admirable.
Mr. Cody Lee noted: Entekhab Group is using the highest technology and its capability in home appliances and petrochemical is great.

Several foreign home appliances stores were intended to offer Snowa Products

In a big and important occurrence of Iranian home appliances industry, foreign home appliances store sellers intended to offer Snowa products as the nation brand.

Entekhab industrial P.R reports that, a few years ago home appliances retailers stubbornly stood against Iranian brands offer but in these years, quality, style, reasonable price and good after-sales service, a fundamental change in circumstances has been occurred. This fundamental and important change is significant after Snowa rebranding so that several foreign home appliances in Tehran now intend to sell Snowa products exclusively. On Bahman 29, eight Snowa stores were inaugurated in an exclusive view and elegant décor. The participants were Mr. Mannani vice president of Entekhab Group, Mr. Karimian Audio & Video industry manager, Mr. Jannatian Refrigerator industry manager, Mr. Shiranifar Washing industry manager, Mr. Salehian Sales Snowa Co. manager and also the enthusiastic people.

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