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After three decades of successful presence in the home appliance industry, Entekhab Electronic industrial group has passed the “product-oriented” and “market-oriented” approach and entered the new “customer-oriented” era. Entekhab electronic industrial group, by choosing the support service as a company that provides after-sales services, has taken a step further than all the first-level competitors and has provided services beyond the imagination of consumers, and in this way, it has gone through the following courses


  1. The period of creation and development of the after-sales service department until 2007
  2. The establishment of Entekhab company, the support service and its development from 2007 to 2011
  3. The period of system development and launch of the company from 2011 to 2015.
  4. The period of smartization of company processes from 2015 to 2018.
  5. The period of trying to please customers from 2018 to 2021
  6. Creation and development of the field of customer care since 2021

Received 14 certificates and golden statutes for the protection of consumers’ rights from the support organization in consecutive years from 2008 until now and obtaining the international standards of ISO9001:2015 (quality management), ISO10004:2018 (measurement of customer satisfaction), ISO10002:2018 (complaints handling process), ISO10015:2019 (quality management, training guidelines) can be another proof of the correctness of the path taken by the Entekhab Industrial Group to support customers.  

Some electronic selection service activities in line with customer care

inspection and audit

The services unit, in order to improve its inherent duties, has carried out some internal monitoring so that by updating the service delivery system, it has a significant contribution in removing the obstacles facing the customers. In this regard, this unit has carried out tangible and intangible inspections, inspections of warehouses and service centers, and smartization to respond to complaints.

Establishment of regional service offices

In order to increase the quality of services to localize them (the dialect and culture of the country’s regions), this company has established 60 regional offices, which provide full time services by employing specialists trained in the installation and maintenance of products of Entekhab electronic group.

Customer Relations Unit (Call Center)

In 2018, with the aim of satisfying as many customers as possible and speeding up the access to the call center, the company launched a 4-digit number (1699). By dialing this number from all over Iran, only the cost of local calls can be paid for customers, and the cost of long-distance calls is completely free for them. This center is ready to respond directly to the applicants by using the latest technology in the world and by employing capable, expert and university-educated personnel. Currently, equipping the company with a customer communication unit has made it possible to receive requests, comments and suggestions, complaints, etc. By employing more than 250 skilled operators with university education, this center managed to be ready to respond directly to applicants 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of the goals of setting up this department has been to provide superior after-sales services in the country and the Middle East region. Currently, equipping the company with a customer communication unit has made it possible to receive requests, comments and suggestions, complaints, etc.

Honors and awards

In the course of its production and service activities, Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group has been honored to win various titles and certificates in various fields.

Successfully received international standards appropriate to the field of services

  • ISO9001:2015 standard (quality management)
  • ISO10004:2018 standard (measurement of customer satisfaction)
  • ISO10002:2018 standard (complaint handling process)
  • ISO10015:2019 standard (training guidelines)

Actions of the service unit to create educational spaces and cooperation with technical and educational institutions

Using the training process is the most powerful tool that can open the way to be present and survive in the field of competitive markets for companies. Based on this, the training of the working personnel in the sub-sets of the service unit has become one of the most important goals, and each sub-set, according to its ability, spends a lot of energy and money on training the aforementioned people.

Part of the achievements of the service unit of Entekhab Electronic in line with the education

  • Creating educational equipment and educational aid
  • Equipped with a distance learning system
  • Production of educational multimedia content

Support plans based on customer satisfaction

The design of Nasime Rezayat (breeze of satisfaction)

This plan is for visiting, adjusting, and repairing Snowa brand products whose warranty has expired, and no fee is charged from the customer for transportation, and only the cost of the part, in case of use, is borne on customer

Plus One Plan (1+)

This plan is offered to the customer after performing the main installation or repair service by the company’s technical expert and according to the list in his possession, and if the customer agrees, he will do the work without charging any fees.

Plan to sell or replace the filter

Entekhab Electronic Selection Services has provided filter replacement service without transportation fees and within 6 months of product operation. In this plan, the replaced filters are under the company’s warranty

Daewoo companion plan

In this plan, 2 months before the end of the product warranty, the company offers all its warranty services free of charge while reminding consumers about the approaching end of the product warranty.

Ideal accessory plan

In this project, in order to assure customers of the originality of the parts and to prevent abuse by unauthorized sellers, the company registered the Spart brand, and all the spare parts and accessories needed by customers with the Spart holograms and brands have been distributed in the country.

Gold card sales plan

The surplus warranty card sales plan has been implemented during the installation and warranty period, and the customers of the Entekhab Group products can sale the third year warranty card for the products of this plan.

After the sales service plan

This plan includes eight contracts for after-sale services, which have been implemented by the Entekhab group for the first time in the country. In this plan, we are committed to responding to the concerns of our customers and meeting their expectations at a higher level in order to provide more and more diverse services.

Using 360-degree services

In line with the commitment to the organization’s values, the entire history of customer interactions with the company is recorded so that in future follow-ups, these data can be used to provide better services to customers. Also, the analysis of these data will lead to the continuous improvement of the performance of the customer care unit.

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