Bost, loves all people of Iran

Bost’s story began in 2008; where we decided to produce economic and high-quality household appliances as a subcategory of Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group. We believe that Iranian families deserve to use high-quality and beautiful products in their homes; Products with a reasonable price that stay in the consumption cycle for a long time and stay with families! These three words describe Bost products well: simple, high quality, and durable.

Our products help the family economy and improve the quality of life of people with competitive prices. The beautiful and unique designs of Bost products are formed in line with their simplicity to respect the style of customers who have a high position for us. From our point of view, design, and innovation is a requirement in the household appliance industry, which is addressed to all people. We believe that home appliances should be both technologically and aesthetically up-to-date. Therefore, quality and beauty are the two main axes in the production of products that aim to improve the quality of life for all sections of society. Bost wants everyone with any idea and taste to have a good feeling by using these products.

Bost’s durable products are all supplied with the Entekhab Electronic guarantee, which is one of the most reliable Iranian home appliance guarantees. In addition, Bost, by focusing on national production, has helped the employment of specialized and young Iranian forces. Along with other Entekhab electronic brands, Bost is trying to create a better world for everyone through the committed implementation of social responsibilities. A world full of beauty, well-being, quality, and durability along with preserving the environment.

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