Honors and awards

The result of several years of continuous activity, effort, and sustainable investment of Entekhab city in various parts of the value chain of Iran’s home appliance industry is not only the unparalleled quality of the products of the brands affiliated with the most significant home appliance manufacturing complex in Iran; Rather, in the effort to achieve sustainable national development and the global economy, Entekhab Electronic has brought countless honors to the people of Iran. Some of these are mentioned as examples in the following section.

  • The owner of the widest value chain of the home appliance industry in West Asia

  • The largest home appliance manufacturing complex in Iran

  • The owner of fully mechanized and intelligent production lines for the production of all kinds of household appliances

  • It has the first dedicated and native Iranian knowledge-based platform in the home appliance industry

  • Employing nearly 15 thousand young and expert human capital

  • Indirect job creation for more than 150 thousand people

  •  It has the best home appliance research and development center in Iran

  • A pioneer in the production of home appliance products with less energy consumption and the use of new energies

  • It has a set of the most advanced reference laboratories of the National Standard Organization

  • It has the first ultra-advanced sound measurement laboratory and acoustic room in Iran

  • It has a diverse price range for different segments of society

  • The top brand of Iran’s home appliances industry, chosen by consumers

  • It has the widest logistics network for transporting goods across the country

  • It has the most extensive after-sales service center and communication with customers throughout Iran

  • The holder of the standard national reward

  • The best production unit in the country for 10 years in a row

  • The only holder of the golden statue of protection of consumer rights for 9 years in a row

  • It has a smart tracking mechanism for materials, parts, and products in the entire life cycle of the product for the first time in Iran (Smart Factory))

  •  the best national exporter
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