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As the largest city and home appliance production complex in the country, Entekhab Electronic, in line with its development plans, grants the citizenship of Entekhab to creative, motivated graduates of the country’s reputable universities. In order to send their request for cooperation, applicants are invited to complete the form in front of them.

Values granted to citizens

The city of Entekhab’s Citizens by receiving citizenship and being in the city of Entekhab benefit from the following values and advantages:


  1. Your Entekhab; Social acceptability

 The city of Entekhab, by providing employment and citizenship space for about 15 thousand people directly and more than 150 thousand people indirectly, provides a complete basket of household appliances products and eliminates the need for the domestic market from importing foreign household appliances products and numerous activities in the field of social responsibility has tried to bring sustainable and profitable business to society and all stakeholders.

  1. Your Entekhab; Additional benefits

The officials of Entekhab city, to compensate for the services and efforts of their capable citizens, have presented several plans to create motivation and loyalty among them, we can mention a plan based on Shabnam’s plan. In this plan, in addition to salaries, citizens benefit from other financial and non-financial welfare benefits that are often invisible. This package, which is known as the Entekhab Electronic service compensation package, includes four main dimensions:

  • Job-based pay
  •  Employee-based payment
  • Performance-based pay
  • Membership based payment
  • We can also refer to free service, lunch, birthday and marriage gifts, and other welfare benefits.



  1. Your Entekhab; Competent colleagues

The city of Entekhab can be called a future-making city for its citizens, which to develop a management capabilities approach, has established an evaluation center and an appointment committee with a merit-oriented, so that in addition to making the management decisions of removal, installation, promotion and transfer fair, provide its necessary infrastructure for sustainable development.

  1. Your Entekhab; An empowering culture

By understanding the fact that the growth and development of any organization depend on the growth and development of the employees of that organization, the city of Entekhab has been trying to draw a wide horizon and perspective for its citizens, and for this reason, it has tried to make the growth and development path of personnel capabilities smoother, compared to the past.

In this regard, the most important things for Entekhab city are the values followed by the deputy of human capital, they are:

  • Transforming the organization’s human capital from manual workers to knowledge workers
  • Creating an agile organization in line with the ever-increasing acceleration of environmental changes
  • The development of the spirit of creativity and innovation combined with the spirit of criticism
  • Creating a flexible set of expert and knowledgeable forces in order to meet the demands of succession and job rotation
  • Creating a challenging spirit in employees in order to increase the competitive capacity of the organization in the business environment
  • Continuous improvement, updating, and upgrading of the quality level of the organization’s infrastructure, technology, and services
  1. Your Entekhab; Training and development opportunity

By focusing on different organizational levels and improving the conditions and skills required by the organization, the job, and the worker, the city of Entekhab has organized specialized courses centered on different occupational groups in the form of continuous and long-term courses. The purpose of this approach is to create the necessary job knowledge, ability, and skills to increase the key knowledge, ability, and skills required by the job and the organization, so that have a more creative, up-to-date, knowledgeable, and agile organization. Some of the actions in this field include setting up Entekhab University, equipping and setting up its education center and library, setting up the Entekhab Institute of Quality and Productivity, etc. 


  1. your Entekhab; performance evaluation

The main dimensions of performance evaluation in the citizens of Entekhan city are:

Behavioral indicators

Management indicators

Specialized indicators

Strategic indicators

The coefficients of the above dimensions are different for various citizen categories of Entekhab Electronic. The most important component in the performance management of Entekhab Electronic is targeting. This is a way to increase the participation and involvement of employees, in which the manager employees set, record, and monitor the goals for a certain period of time.

  1. Your Entekhab; Healthy and happy work environment

In Entekhab city, believing in the principle that if a person has a happy mood on a working day, he will likely be more creative than on other days, an effort has been made to provide a happy working environment for the employees. Such an atmosphere has made citizens have good relations with each other in the workplace; show better cooperation in group work and managers have good relations with employees. In this regard, Entekhab Electronic by providing sports equipment and facilities in work environments has provided an environment where, in addition to physical health, citizens can experience an atmosphere of happiness.


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