Arman Entekhab Electronic Co., Ltd. forms a prominent part of the value chain of Iran’s home appliances industry and plays an important role in job creation and sustainable national development by creating about 15,000 active and native human capital in its fully mechanized and intelligent production lines and creating indirect employment for about 150,000 people

Some of the most prominent advantages of this company are the existence of a smart mechanism for monitoring production lines, the quality of used raw materials, and technical frameworks for assembling products (Smart Factory).

The mechanism of intelligent monitoring of the production process in Arman Entekhab Electronic factories, which international organizations refer to as Smart Factory, is capable to reduce production costs and to save billions of Tomans for Arman Entekhab Electronic as an important company in the value chain of Iran’s home appliance industry.

Arman Entekhab Electronic Company, which, according to reliable and reassuring information, has the largest “household appliance production hall” in Iran, is trying to use this new technology (Smart Factory) and its policy mechanisms to direct the movement of the quality supervisor team to develop the fourth generation of products at the global quality and reliability level.

The main mission of “Arman Entekhab Electronic” in the value chain of Iran’s home appliance industry is to produce a complete portfolio of home appliance products.

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