The evolution of services in Entekhab

Once Entekhab Electronic started its activity as a service-oriented brand with the vision of supporting the audience, it did its best to familiarize the customers with their rights as citizens/consumers. Therefore, to inform them, it introduced a large and diverse portfolio of services to them and formed the story of his friendship with his customers, and the used model was based on the sustainable cycle of customer support, so instead of services, give them an amazing sense of the experience of using its products. It also promises to fulfill its commitments sincerely, compassionately, and respectfully, and the result of keeping its promise to its customers would be peace.

The course of after-sales satisfaction



The vision governing after-sales services is derived from the rights that the founders of the Entekhab Electronic industrial group established at the same time as establishing the products for the dignity of the customers.

Based on the idea that prevails in the vision of Entekhab Electronic services, this brand is based on friendship and customer support. The value creation resulting from this attitude will be beneficial for both society and the brand. This is where Entekhab Electronics, as a friend, finds its meaning from the center of organizational vision and expands it in economic value, environmental value, and social value fields.

The brand personality of Entekhab Electronic is a friend who provides a set of services to the stakeholders in order to achieve a deep and strategic concept of friendship that emphasizes the essence of a service brand, according to the “sustainable cycle of customer support”.

The evolution

Since the establishment and launch of after-sales services, the basis of work has been on customer satisfaction, speed in providing services, and performing honest services with superior quality, and all internal rules of the company have been formulated on the basis of institutionalizing these principles among the personnel.

The story of the friendship of Entekhab Electronic group with customers was formed in 2004. Although the services were limited in the beginning, with the in-depth look of the contributors to create a stable and responsive business, it became wider and more complete. This sweet experience made Elektronics Group implement different plans to respect the rights of consumers. These plans were formed in the direction of the company’s moral responsibility and fair performance in interacting with consumers. Basically, the common phrase to describe the field of activity of service brands in relation to the customer is after-sales service, which clearly relies on a view from the brand and product side; Something is sold and services are provided for it. With this method, the experience and concerns of the final consumer are not seen and it only emphasizes trade. In post-purchase services, by simply converting a sale to a purchase, the story of the product experience is narrated by the buyer, and he imagines himself as the hero of the story. A story based on friendship.



No effort will pay off without taking into account its achievements. In the post-purchase service of a brand, the results and achievements are important and move in the direction of the creation of a system to create value, in response to social concerns and becoming wealthy. The most important achievement of Entekhab electronic is the insight into customer care, which has made these achievements come true.

We believe that “friend” is the role that gives meaning to the electronic service brand and is familiar to all audiences. A friend accompanies, understands, and is always by our side. Entekhab Electronic wants to be a good, knowledgeable, supportive friend who will do everything it can for his friend, and do everything for its friend who is actually a buyer and customer. He is a complete friend, which only cares about his friend’s happiness and is with him in trouble.

The communication strategy of the electronic service brand, which is based on the concept of a friend, has created a different reflection in the form of introducing post-purchase services. our friendship Achievements with you:

 1- A knowledgeable friend and supporter whose mission is to take care of the customer.

2- A creative and innovative friend who steps towards the peace of the customer by creating various products


The future that Entekhab Electronic will try to reach, is to achieve success. The success is based on which the customer is reflected in an active performance that is achieved by us so that as a result, and in the future, customers do not have to worry about interacting and buying products. Today, customers do not acquire a product but buy the values ​​resulting from it, and for this purpose, an exceptional opportunity is obtained for the after-purchase service brand, based on which pays full commitment to its services, respecting its services and help them in peace and with the happiness resulting from it. The future of electronic services is to get the share of people’s minds to be the first choice for buying products.

Customers’ delight, developing a customer club, designing a lifestyle model, and improving the offer system are those actions that we will do our best to realize. Entekhab Electronic is trying to make all the stakeholders, especially the local community, accept its activities and thus increase its social acceptability at the national and international level

Customer care

In line with its philanthropic responsibility, Entekhab Electronic is committed to providing excellent post-purchase services to customers. One of the most important concepts of Entekhab electronic service brand is care, which means protecting the customer’s rights and fulfilling his wishes and needs, and is designed based on the concept of friendship. This property is very important, and adhering to it puts a lot of responsibility on us as friends; Especially when we show that we are a good and reliable friend for you and our friendship is unconditional.

 Customer care, complete service portfolio, availability, transparency, trust building, product quality guarantee, commitment to service quality, lifelong companionship with the customer, etc. are some parts of Entekhab Electronic services for customers.

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