Social responsibility in Entekhab goup

Entekhab Electronic, as a responsible organization towards its stakeholders, has taken great steps in the direction of sustainability, and by strengthening adherence to the principles of social responsibility throughout the organization, it has placed this thinking and vision at the top of its programs: the aim of the activities of this group is not just the creation of wealth; Creating wealth is a prerequisite for creating a wealth distribution system.

For Entekhab Electronic, social responsibility also means having a stable business and ensuring profitability for the beneficiaries. Entekhab Electronic has opened up many profitable opportunities for the stakeholders at the national and international levels, and in this way, it has made the opportunity for economic opening to society without the need for a market for home appliances from importing goods. The purpose of Entekhab Electronic is to achieve the satisfaction of customers, employees, and the local community, as well as to save energy consumption by producing environmentally friendly products.

Entekhab Electronic seeks the development of technology and innovation in the production and manufacture of high-quality products, and in this way, it has achieved its goal by establishing a relationship between the industry and the university.

Social responsibility is a concept that has been at the center of attention in the last few decades and has caused profound changes in the global economy. The concept of social responsibility in the Entekhab Electronic industrial group originated from the following points of view

  1. The ability and capability of governments are not enough to meet all the needs of society at the desired level
  2.  The consequences of the organizations and economic enterprises activities are not limited to them; therefore, companies and various economic and industrial organizations must be committed and responsible towards their society and environment.

changing this attitude into the dominant paradigm of society has led to the formation of economic enterprises’ expectations; Especially those that have wider or more effective functional dimensions

The goal is that such organizations organize their activities in such a way that in addition to legitimate profitability and efforts to maximize the positive effects of their actions, they also reduce possible negative results to a minimum and beyond that as a responsible and effective member of the society, be concerned about the long-term needs and demands of the public and try to reduce the problems of the society.

With this description, it would be said that the social responsibilities of companies are among the essential components of realizing sustainable development; Because accepting the responsibility of companies as the main actors of the economy towards society and the environment, and adding social considerations to the economic decisions of companies, we can hope for a big step towards the realization of the principles of sustainable development and the institutionalization of various aspects of sustainability in society. In this direction, the concept of social responsibility has been one of the fundamental principles of the management system of Entekhab Electronic Industrial Development Group since its establishment until now. At the strategic level, Entekhab Electronic industrial group, with a deep belief in the concept of sustainable development as the main strategy for realizing the sustainable development of the country, taking into account the national interests and the interests of the society in all matters, the key aspects of the policies related to sustainable development are at the top of the strategic programs. With the commitment to these principles, as a responsible and committed organization, Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group fulfills its responsibility towards all stakeholders.

The approach of Entekhab Electronic industrial group to social responsibility

First level: economic responsibilities; The main goal of Entekhab Electronic industrial group, as a responsible and leading organization in sustainable development, is to provide the services needed by society and obtain legitimate financial benefits and increase economic income. All organizational roles are based on this principle. Therefore, the set of activities related to Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group is placed at the first level of social responsibilities. On this basis, the Entekhab Electronic industrial group will be accountable to the people and their economic well-being by producing high-quality products and excellent after-sales services.

Level Two: Legal Responsibilities; At this level of responsibilities, it is emphasized that in Entekhab Electronic industrial group, while the profitability and wealth creation of the project is one of the main goals, the strict compliance with the laws and regulations established by the higher institutions is a strict requirement. At this level of social responsibility, accurate payment of taxes, health and safety of employees, along with not polluting the environment, will be important.

Third level: moral responsibilities; In addition to the first and second level responsibilities, there are a series of social responsibilities related to moral principles; What is important in this field is that Entekhab Electronic industrial group pays special attention to the standards and expectations of the stakeholders, which everyone considers to be fair. Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group tries to advance its activities by observing the principles related to fairness and justice and mutual respect. Based on this, by formulating and publishing, and developing its organizational values and creating a rich culture as well as adhering to the governing principles of ethics, this level of social responsibility is fulfilled worthily.

Fourth level: humanitarian and benevolent responsibilities; In the field of social responsibilities, there is another level that, relying on human values and internal concerns of Entekhab Electronic managers, demands a behavior beyond the field of law and even ethics. At this level of responsibility, Entekhab Electronic, like a responsible citizen, participates in activities that somehow reduce social problems and try to improve the quality of life of members of society. In this regard, we can mention the establishment of the Iranian Cancer Control Center and engage in public works of social benefit. Each of these levels of social responsibility moves in a direction that can lead us to sustainable development. To achieve sustainable development, Entekhab Electronic industrial group has defined its goals in three economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

The main policy of Entekhab electronic Brand is the social responsibility

 General policies of Entekhab Electronic brand in fulfilling social responsibilities helping to strengthen the infrastructure and amenities in the population centers (both cities and villages) located in the areas where Entekhab Electronic factories and production sites are located.


Creating a platform to increase the motivation of employees to work and live in operational areas and to interact favorably with the residents of local communities, reduce social distance and gross inequalities between them, and increase satisfaction in these areas.

Helping to form or strengthen the sustainable livelihood of local community residents through empowering them, developing the supply chain of provisions, and the like.

Laying groundwork for the participation of the three sides of the home appliances industry, people, and governing bodies in the social responsibility programs of Entekhab Electronic in different regions of the country

Utilizing the potential of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) active in social, cultural, and environmental fields in the design and implementation of local and regional development programs.

Application of socio-cultural and environmental annexes in approved projects to implement preventive strategies in reducing and eliminating negative impacts and consequences on local communities and the environment.

Setting the stage for a small exchange of indigenous and non-indigenous cultures and helping to preserve the indigenous-local culture and strengthen it.

Help to preserve natural resources, biodiversity, and sensitive ecosystems in the country.

The principles of social responsibility of Entekhab Electronic

Principles of social responsibility of Entekhab Electronic

 By understanding the issue that economic activities affect local communities, Entekhab Electronic tries to be aware of the expectations and concerns of the stakeholders. For this purpose, all Entekhab Electronic companies are required to respect the rights of the beneficiaries and maintain their connections in the local community. In the plan of the programs, several activities are defined in the direction of social responsibility and the purpose of Entekhab is to implement the social programs away from any kind of doubt. Therefore, all Entekhab Electronic activities are implemented after going through the evaluation stages and getting official approval. The goal of Entekhab Electronic is to be recognized as a valuable, innovative, and entrepreneurial business. For this purpose, the goal of Entekhab Electronic is to communicate honestly with all the stakeholders and consider their position in its decisions.

stakeholders of Entekhab Electronic

To fulfill the role of social responsibility, Entekhab Electronic industrial group has taken steps to identify its beneficiaries. In this direction, the necessary plans and actions are developed for mutual interaction with them. In this direction, the first step is to identify the basic issues of each of the beneficiaries and try to solve these problems from the main programs of Entekhab Electronic in the subject of communication with the beneficiaries. To achieve the expectations of the stakeholders, including the threats and opportunities related to them Entekhab Electronic has defined these expectations in the form of one-year plans. These programs specify the status of goals such as profit, production, etc. in detail and in a timed manner. These programs are controlled by various types of performance reports, project control, HSE, and human capital reports. The Entekhab approach for effective interaction with stakeholders is transparent accountability to them.

Economic responsibility

In line with the goals of social responsibilities, Entekhab Electronic industrial group always tries to fulfill its social role as the largest economic enterprise, and for this purpose, it has defined and implemented duties and obligations for social responsibility; activities that promote profit and social benefit and go beyond organizational benefits and legal duties.

Entekhab Electronic measures in the path of economic sustainability

In the past decade, despite the difficult economic conditions of the country, Entekhab Electronic has had significant economic growth and development. In this era, Entekhab Electronic has tried not only to achieve economic profitability but also to put financial transparency at the top of its values. Therefore, Entekhab Electronic claims this important issue that with the help of God and the non-stop efforts of managers and workers, and the use of science and knowledge, it is moving in the direction of wealth production by relying on internal resources. In the fight against financial corruption and a rentier economy, Entekhab Electronic group has focused all its efforts on economic progress through wealth and job creation.      

Development of technology and knowledge-based products

Entekhab Electronic has tried to transform the development of knowledge and technology at the level of its activities into organizational procedures by forming cooperation with the science and technology city and developing the relationship between the industry and the university by building the Snowa Tech Technology Center

Economic health system in Entekhab Electronic

Philanthropic Responsibilities of Entekhab Electronic

In line with its humanitarian responsibilities, Entekhab Electronic is committed to being with people in difficult, sensitive, and critical situations. In this regard, with its commitment to social responsibility, Entekhab Electronic has the following honors: 

Receiving 14 certificates and a golden statue for protecting consumers’ rights from the support organization, as the most distinguished service company in all industrial fields

ISO9001:2015 standard (quality management)

ISO10004:2018 standard (measurement of customer satisfaction)

ISO10002:2018 standard (complaint handling process)

ISO10015:2019 standard (quality management – training guidelines)

Snowa and youth talent search

In order to help find talent in the country’s youth, Snowa became the sponsor of the first “Gaymon” event. In this event, soft skills were taught to children and teenagers by the technical specialists of SNOWA, and this company, as an Iranian home appliance brand, took a step in the field of new talent scouting by using talent and skills development through games. The games that were designed and implemented at the Gammon event were suitable for each age group of children and teenagers. These games follow various themes that can blossom a new level of talent. Such events will allow Snowa to identify the communication gaps between itself and the next generations, identify the importance and priority of the skills needed in the future and be more prepared for flexibility in its operations.

Entekhab Electronic help people in unexpected events such as floods and earthquakes

The formation of a “quick response group” to serve the victims of the Sarpol Zahab earthquake.

Serving the flood victims of Mazandaran and Lorestan

 Distribution of food and livelihood packages to those affected by Corona

Serving the people affected by the Sisakht earthquake

Supporting the treatment staff by providing free after-sales service

Special sales plan to support customers

Serving the flood victims of Mazandaran and Lorestan

The approach of Entekhab Electronic towards helping people in critical situations goes back to the social responsibility of this group towards society. In this way, Entekhab Electronic will not spare any help and will support the people in all situations. After announcing its readiness in April 2019, after being informed about the widespread flood that covered some areas of Mazandaran and Lorestan provinces, the Entekhab Electronic support team opened its sheds in these two crisis-stricken areas. This presence continued for two months until the relative settling of the flood victims. With the presence of the rapid response group in the flooded areas, the municipality, and Ministry of Education and Welfare organization also came to the aid of the Entekhab Electronic group to provide services to the families.

Serving the people affected by the earthquake in Sisakht

With the occurrence of the earthquake in the city of Sisakht in the province of Kohgiloyeh and Boyer-Ahmad in December 2020, the rapid response team was present in the region and after assessing the amount of damage and holding meetings with the municipality and the Red Crescent organization, it was possible to transfer the group facilities to the space of the Imamzadeh.

خدمات رسانی به مردم زلزله زده سی سخت

بــا وقــوع زلزلــه شهر ســی‌ســخت در اســتان کهگیلویــه و بویراحمــد در دی مــاه ســال ۹۹، گــروه واکنــش ســریع در منطقــه حاضــر شـد و پـس از ارزیابـی میزان خسارات و  تشکیل جلسـاتی بـا شـهرداری و سـازمان هلال احمـر از فضـای تولیـت امامـزاده بـرای اسـتقرار امکانـات گـروه اسـتفاده شـد.

Supporting the treatment staff by providing free services

To support the medical staff, Entekhab Electronic group provided free after-sales services for its brand products during the Corona period. These services include repairing parts and replacing defective parts. The repair and replacement services are not only for the owners of Entekhab Electronic group brands but also for the owners of other brands.

Creating and presenting special sales plans to support customers

In line with its social responsibility, Entekhab Electronic has presented several plans to increase people’s purchasing power and benefit all categories of society from home appliance products; Because the concern of Entekhab Electronic is to increase economic and social well-being for society.

Supporting the Entekhab university for inclusive education

Our higher education at the Entekhab Education Center is a forward-looking decision so that we can play a role in the maturity of its culture and develop human values along with economic activities to establish effective communication between the industry and the university.

The Entekhab Education Center is an institution approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran and works in the field of higher education and reducing the gap between science and industry. This university, like our other research centers, pays special attention to training that is practical and mixed with experience. The educational activities of this institution are in line with the providing, training, and promoting of the required forces, which is one of our main goals and is followed persistently.

Our ever-increasing growth and new technologies dictate the need for evolution in the skills, style, and educational fields of this institution. Currently, more than 30% of the graduates of this institution are working in the Entekhab Electronic Group.

This applied scientific center is ready to maintain and improve its position as an educational institution by adapting to the problems of the modern industrial age on the one hand and maintaining the human values defined in its tradition on the other hand. This is exactly what we follow in our existential philosophy to build a better world. Having higher education in the education center is a forward-looking decision so that, along with economic activities, we can establish effective communication between the industry and the university as a commitment to the maturity of its culture and also develop human values.

Supporting the Institute of Quality and Productivity of Entekhab Electronic (Makba)

In line with moving towards sustainable development, the growth of knowledge, and the cultivation of creative talents in society, the Industrial Group of Entekhab Electronic supports the Institute of Quality and Productivity (Makba). Among the important actions in this collection, the following can be considered:

Signing memorandum of cooperation with different universities of the country

Fulfilling social responsibility in the Institute of Quality and Productivity of Entekhab (Makba)

Developing knowledge and cultivating creative talents and youth of the country through holding scientific events and training courses at the Quality and Productivity Institute of Entekhab

Forming standardization committees for parts and products in cooperation with the National Standards Organization of Iran and universities

Developing the cooperation between industry and university through various plans to attract trainees such as the survey plan

Defining various scientific-research projects through the Quality and Productivity Institute to solve the problems of the industry

Publishing and promoting quality culture through the preparation of scientific content and its development in real and virtual platforms

Activity in the field of health

Today, having health as one of the inalienable human rights with a wider meaning and concept has been noticed by the public. This concept includes the degree of protection and promotion of physical, mental, social, economic, and spiritual health for all people. The influence of health and its related services on the growth and prosperity of the social system and the management of economic costs is a matter that is not hidden from anyone. In such a situation, with a sense of responsibility, Entekhab Electronic industrial group has considered it obligatory to support cancer patients in the field of the health system for those who are involved in the costly disease of cancer.

Environmental responsibilities in Entekhab Electronic

  • HSE unit guidelines
  • Waste management guidelines

  • Guidelines for evaluating industrial wastewater

  • Management guide for industrial and non-industrial treatment plants

  • Guidelines for monitoring and measuring water, soil and air pollutants

  • Environmental policies and solutions of Entekhab Electronic

  • Protecting the environment, safety and health

  • Energy efficiency

  • Attention to the goals of sustainable development and the implementation of programs related to environmental responsibilities

  • Environmental management process

  • Identify environmental laws

  • Risk identification of environmental aspects

  • Using an environmental consultant

  • Development of environmental and strategical plans

  • Employee participation in the development of environmental culture

  • Setting up environmental workshops and trainings

  • Waste Management

  • Pollution reduction management

  • Assessment and monitoring of environmental risks

Development of green space

In line with its environmental programs and social responsibility, Entekhab Electronic has put the development of green space on its agenda. For this purpose, about 10% of the space of each of the Entekhab Electronic factories has been allocated to green space.

Green industry

Entekhab Electronic has played an important role in the growth and development of societies and economic progress in 4 decades of economic activity. At the same time as playing this constructive role, Entekhab Electronic has sought to use technologies that consume less energy and are less dangerous for the planet. These environmentally friendly technologies are known as green technologies. Based on this global trend, Entekhab Electronic has prioritized the production of environmentally friendly products to open new ways to reduce pollution, reduce energy consumption and preserve natural resources.

Environmentally friendly technologies

The use of R600 gas-based refrigeration technologies in refrigerators and freezers produced by the Entekhab Electronic industrial group As the largest producer of household products in the country, including refrigeration products, the Industrial Group of Entekhab Electronic, in order to protect the environment, respect human rights, and protect public health, removes the use of technologies and materials that are harmful to the environment and destroyed the ozone layer including CFCs. Recently, the industrial group of Entekhab Electronic is proud that 100% of the refrigerators and freezers produced by this industrial group use R600 gas-based refrigeration technologies that are eco-friendly.

Determining water consumption criteria and water label instructions for household detergent products to promote consumption culture

The water consumption label plan to improve technology and reduce per capita water consumption in the country can be used as a criterion for comparing similar products and making purchase decisions while informing customers of each product’s water consumption and efficiency. This plan is similarly implemented and used in other countries (both mandatory and optional). In this regard, as the largest producer of household products in the country, including detergent products, washing machines, and dishwashers, to protect the environment and protect the country’s water resources, the Entekhab Electronic industrial group tests the products in terms of water consumption according to the INSO 18614 standard and the inclusion of a water consumption label on all detergent products, and the customers of the products of Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group, relying on this comprehensive and standard-based information, can choose a product suitable for their regional climate in terms of water resources.

Snowa pre-refinery plant project

The functional process of the Snowa refinery package generally includes a physical and chemical process that uses the existing septic tank (with a capacity of about 160 square meters) which contains 4 tanks in parallel, as a balancing tank that is used after the wastewater flow inside the septic tanks, about 60% of the total suspended solids are removed, and then in order to completely remove suspended solids and heavy metals, as well as reduce BOD, COD and other chemicals in the wastewater, the wastewater is discharged into the package system and after injection chemicals are mixed by the filter installed next to the system, fast and slow, and then coagulation and flocculation takes place inside the package tanks, and the sludge produced during the chemical processes is separated into the filter, press, pump, and disconnect from the system.

Production of products with very low energy consumption

Saving electricity consumption and storing electrical energy is one of the important things that Entekhab Electronic has paid special attention to. Entekhab Electronic uses inverters in the manufacture of some of its products, which prevent the loss of electrical energy and increase the efficiency of the product. Inverters can change the speed of the motor current in a smart way, which will save a lot of energy.

Ethical responsibilities in Entekhab Electronic

 Entekhab Electronic’s managers believe that achieving the vision and goals of the organization can be done through the implementation of strategies and programs within the framework of values and special work culture. 

Ethical responsibilities in Entekhab Electronic, based on social responsibilities, have been compiled and published in the industrial group of Entekhab Electronic. The ethical responsibility of Entekhab Electronic is to follow the principles that lead to safety and health and justice. This instruction is based on the organizational values of Entekhab Electronic.

Increasing skill and knowledge development is one of the main strategies of Entekhab Electronic to achieve sustainable development at the global level, and based on this, improving knowledge is a long-term and useful investment in the development of Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group. In this regard, a comprehensive employee training system has been developed based on the strategic goals of the organization.

From the beginning of the establishment of Entekhab Electronic Industrial Group and the expansion of its activities, all its planning has been done in line with social responsibilities towards the beneficiaries. In these plans, special attention has been paid to the needs of employees as human capital and to improve the quality of their working life in Entekhab Electronic industrial group.

Simultaneously with the establishment of the HSE system in the Entekhab Electronic, programs related to the safety and health of employees under the title of periodical examinations and occupational medicine have been continuously implemented throughout the company. In this regard, a database of the health status of employees has also been formed in the organization’s HSE. In this regard, earthquake-related maneuvers have been implemented to increase the awareness of employees.

Establishing a balance between work and life is one of the most important principles of social responsibility of Entekhab Electronic for employees. One of the human capital approaches of Entekhab Electronic is to create suitable working conditions in the work environment to improve the quality of work life and ultimately lead to peace in life. In this regard, the salaries paid in Entekhab Electronic have been prepared according to the market and in many cases higher than the market average.

Developing and creating equal opportunities:

Developing and promoting equal opportunities is one of the main priorities of human capital development approaches. In this regard, guidelines related to fairness and justice have been developed for all employees and all people who are looking for work.

  • Development of employment regulations
  • Coordinated payment system

  • Same absorption instructions

  • Emphasis on fair behavior in behavioral instruction

  •  Supervision of managers and leaders

  • Providing welfare facilities for employees and families

With the help of Saman Bank, Entekhab Electronic has designed and provided a welfare card called Kara Card to target welfare payments and help in the fair distribution of payments to employees at different job levels. In this electronic card, welfare benefits have been deposited to the employees so that while the colleagues benefit from the benefits of various welfare services of Entekhab Electronic, it is also possible to hand it over to their families.

  • Attention to the livelihood issues of employees

  • Providing cash and non-cash benefits

  • Health and supplementary insurance for employees and their families

  • Transportation service provision

  • Training programs for employees’ families

  • Providing sports and tourism facilities

  • Improving the level of participation and communication of human capital

  • Establishing a system of suggestions

  • Establish communication channels

  • Employee participation system

  • Ergonomics at work

Safety for employees is another social responsibility of industrial group managers. Our slogan in the Entekhab group is that our employees are our capital; for this reason, we consider ourselves obliged to provide conditions for employees in which they can experience a safe environment and there is no danger to their health. In this regard, we believe in ergonomics in the workplace.

By replacing traditional approaches with new knowledge and technologies, the HSE unit in the Entekhab Industrial Group has tried to develop its activities while giving priority to preventive measures over corrective measures. For this purpose, the HSE management system has been compiled and implemented, in line with the general goals of Entekhab Electronic, in the field of safety, health, and environment.

Our vision in Entekhab Electronic is to reduce the level of damage to zero. Due to the implementation of health and safety programs in recent years, the index of recurrence of accidents has been decreasing for many years.

The incidence rate of accidents in Entekhab Electronic in three years

The graph of the incidence of occupational accidents in the industrial group of Entekhab Electronic in three years can be seen. These numbers show the number of occupational accidents per person in the Entekhab Electronic industrial group. The results show that in the year 2021, with the measures taken in the management of health, and environmental safety (HSE), the incidence of accidents has decreased significantly.

The severity rate of Entekhab electronic incidents in three years

The graph of the severity rate of occupational accidents in the industrial group of Entekhab in three years can also be seen in the opposite graph. These numbers show the fact that the severity of occupational accidents in the Entekhab Electronic industrial group is decreasing with the measures taken in the management of health, safety, and environment (HSE) and in the year 2021 the amount of this index has decreased significantly. This index is complementary to the previous index and it shows the fact that in addition to the number of occupational accidents, the severity of these types of accidents (in terms of the number of injuries caused and therefore the number of days lost from work) is decreasing in the industrial group of Entekhab Electronic.

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