Count on us

Instead of knowing Snowa as a trademark, we see it as a symbol of a wish that was born among the “not beings” and everything imaginable is on a very long-term horizon and in a jump to create a multi-generational path. This desire has caused it to be very enthusiastic and concerned about further growth and promotion

Its aim is to build a way of thinking that uses technology and knowledge to create a better and more enjoyable world; It has placed innovation and forerun at the top of its activities and welcomed and predicted the future and welcomed changes with creativity. Continuous innovation is the key to this desire for power and success

Why the world, with its continuous changes, has formed different expectations in life, which, in the midst of all its beauty, seems different and sometimes contradictory and complex. This conflict in “home”, which is a place of peace, causes excessive anxiety and conflict. Snowa has based its existential philosophy on this; A kind of lifestyle that can help us to experience more peace in our homes with more harmony of different components. Peace is born from the heart of choice, absorption and careful coordination

So Snowa has never been a household appliance; Rather, it is an intelligent assistant for life. Because it is shaping another style in its architecture. A style that is simple, fast and smart and can meet the design and performance needs of customers in the fields of culture, geography and expectations. A style that can understand what, how and with what quality experiences people want in life. “Experience” is the most important axis of Snowa in its steps towards the future.

Snowa has understood that among this experience, time is the most important factor in today’s life. An intensive time to enjoy life will be the key to his activities. Snowa wants to be the creator of such an experience. An experience based on enjoying life in Snowa style.

Believing that people deserve the best, Snowa manufactures products that enhance people’s well-being and quality of life. In these years, Snowa’s expert groups with integrated intellectual leadership have tried to put unique Iranian products with innovative designs on world markets. Since what is very important for Snowa is customer satisfaction. The criteria considered by Snowa are providing up-to-date products, customer orientation, and providing excellent after-sales service to customers. What is important for Snowa producers is to improve product quality to satisfy customers. This issue lies in Snowa’s organizational values.

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