The Entekhab Electronic service brand has been created based on three principles of commitment, respect, and peace that constitute the nature of post-purchase services, which has led to a distinctive service design from the sustainable cycle of customer care and to honor customers and also offers peace of mind, it has offered a golden contract with 8 unique services. Based on this agreement, the customer experience path is designed so that they will feel the pleasure of companionship and care upon receiving the services provided.

Unquestionable friendship

  1. One-month product exchange or unconditional refund

The 30-day exchange or refund guarantee from the time of delivery allows the dear consumers to have the right to return the money or exchange it with another identical product at any time during this period if they feel that the product does not meet their expectations.

 Important points:

  • The period of 30 days from the date of delivery is the calculation criterion and it is necessary to present the original sales invoice.
  • Order registration and wrong sales are not included in this plan.
  •  Refunds are not possible for installment purchases.
  •  The device must not be damaged by the consumer.
  • Avoid distorting the information on the product.
  • If you have a request to return the packed product, do not damage the product packaging.
  • In the process of unconditional replacement, the product must be returned in its packaging and with its accessories.
  • Unpacking, installation, and commissioning of the device must be done by the authorized service technician of Entekhab Electronic company.
  • The cost of transportation and return of the product, if requested by the consumer, is on his own.
  • The difference in changing the product model is calculated based on the price at the factory. (It is possible to change the model in rare circumstances and the absence of the same product).
  • The refund is based on the price of the consumer’s sales invoice and it is necessary to present the original sales invoice.
  • The amount of the festival (paid) is deducted from the amount of the sales invoice.

Useful friendship

  1. Three months of free replacement of the product in case of failure from the time of installation

If the installed product during the first three months suffers an inherent failure, the consumer has the right to replace or refund

Inherent failure refers to defects that or the potential of that defect are created during the production process or logistics operation

Unpacking, installation, and commissioning of the device must be done by the authorized service technician of Entekhab Electronic company

In case of confirmation of inherent failure, all the costs of transferring the device are borne by Entekhab Electronic.

Friendship forever

  1. 60 to 124 months warranty for refrigeration compressors and direct drive motors or digital inverters

The warranty of special parts, such as the compressor of refrigeration products and direct drive motors or digital inverter of detergent products, includes a longer warranty period than the 2-year warranty of the device.

Important points:

  • At least 60 months compressor warranty is given to the consumer as a basic commitment of all refrigeration products in all brands.
  • The side costs of wages, transportation and consumables resulting from the replacement of these parts are the responsibility of Entekhab Electronic company.
  • The warranty period for certain parts with the installation of a hologram label for these parts is up to 124 months.

Maintain friendship

  1. Providing lifetime support or facilities for replacing products

The lifetime commitment to supplying parts for the products of Entekhab group gives consumers the opportunity to use the device as long as it is possible to repair the product. In case of non-supply of parts or non-repair of the product, the opportunity to replace the product with existing products is reserved for the consumer along with the purchase facility

Important points:

  •  The product price reduction is not calculated during the warranty period.
  • During the out-of-warranty period, 1% of the daily price of the device is deducted for each month of product operation from the time of installation.
  • The ceiling of the product value is mentioned in the relevant regulation.
  • The provided facilities are announced to the customer according to daily sales plans.

Perfect friendship

  1. Providing services 7 days a week and 24 hours a day

Responding 24 hours a day and visiting 7 days a week, even on holidays, is a commitment that Entekhab Electronic has made for itself in response to consumers’ trust.

Important points:

  • The free 4-digit number 1699 is ready to respond to the needs of customers with the ability to answer calls from customers all over Iran at the same time.
  • The coordination and appointment are done on the same day by the nearest technician to the consumer.
  • Boarding warranty service does not impose any additional costs on the consumer

Responsible friendship

  1. On-time service guarantee (for each day of delay, one month of free warranty is granted to customers)

The appointment time to perform the service is determined by the technician in the first hours of the day.

To prove his promise, the technician offers free time to the customer and he makes the best choice.

Important points:

  • It is possible to choose service in 3 shifts (morning, evening or night).
  • The compensation for the delay in the coordinated visit is 1 additional month of warranty per day.
  • The criterion for deviation calculation is calculated from the appointed day (in agreement with the consumer) to the end of the day of reference, and for each day of delay, one month of warranty is added to the warranty period.
  • During the repair process, If the consumer cannot use his product or a substitute product, the damage will be compensated by assigning an additional warranty to the product.
  • For every sleep of the product from the sixth day onwards, (non-optimal use) 1 month’s warranty is added to the product warranty period for each day of delay.

The other side of friendship

  1. Six months repair warranty (non-warranty)

The purpose of this plan is to build trust and confidence of consumers in the repair services they receive from the Entekhab Electronic.

Important points:

  •  All repair services that are provided to consumers through Entekhab electronic company have a repair quality guarantee.
  • Re-failure should not be caused by abnormal use of the product.
  • The side costs of wages, transportation and consumables resulting from the replacement of these parts are borne by Entekhab Electronic.
  • The period of 6 months is calculated from the end of the operation of the last service.
  • The repair and parts warranty is assigned to the parts related to the last repair, and any damage is not included in the warranty.
  • Repairs must be requested by the Entekhab electronic company through 1699.

Beyond friendship

  1. Replacement product delivery when repairing and replacing products

The purpose of implementing this plan is to increase the satisfaction of customers whose product failure prevents them from using their home appliances and the delivery of a safe product can meet the needs of the consumer during the repair period or the replacement product delivery period.

Important points:

  • An alternative product is offered to consumers who are unable to use their product for a short period (more than one day) due to product repair or inefficiency.
  • Borrowed product is an alternative product that meets minimum customer needs.
  • The installation and operation of the replacement product are done free of charge by Entekhab Electronic company.
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